CeMAT 2014You´ll find us at hall 027, booth number F49, Exhibition Centre Hannover, Germany.

As already mentioned last year we are currently building a new production hall to extend our capacities and to simplify the logistic process. The 98 m long and 30 m width hall will accommodate our paint finishing system, the completion of our entertainment hoists, the steel construction as well as the shipping department. However the craftsmen are still in authority. Currently they are working on the Sanitary- and social rooms. The paint finishing system, the energy-efficient lighting and the safety equipment are already in use.


Today the STAR-LIFTKET is known as one of the most progressive designs in the area of electric chain hoists. The following items were our top priority for the development of the STAR LIFTKET.

High duty rate, even under tropical climate conditions – this was achieved by using a force cooled motor with cooling fins in the LIFTKET design. Due to a sliding clutch/brake array, heat can be transmitted to the surrounding air without a negative influence on the motor.

STARExtremely low maintenance design with the best possible accessibility and interchangeability of all parts to ensure safe operation, even for the remotest parts of our planet where specialists may not be available – this is achieved by the consequent modular design. Motor, oil filled and oil sealed gear box, pre adjusted brake and control module are separately interchangeable. There is no special adjustment required other than a clutch adjustment using a test load. 

First class material and technologies have been implemented, ensuring excellent parts quality – this was proved and confirmed by our test lab after performing complicated, time-consuming tests. The lifetime of the parts exceeds all the requirements of the FEM.

A high level of safety due to the arrangement of the sliding clutch between the motor and brake – because of our new patented clutch system, we have again achieved positive locking connections between brake and load. Already implemented on the LIFTKET, this safety principle means that "no load drop is possible if the clutch fails".

Conversion of single fall to double fall and vice versa - easy and fast – this work has been reduced now to a few minutes. This new solution ensures exceptional protection against assembly errors.

State-of-the-art design that clearly identifies a LIFTKET –implemented in the caps and body parts of the signature LIFTKET design.

With the STAR-LIFTKET the user is provided with an electric chain hoist that can be used: at low headroom; with low dead weight; with one or two lifting speeds as required under direct or 24V low-voltage control; with a higher duty rate; with suspension eye or hook suspension; with push or electric trolley; and also for very high lifting heights at low operation costs because of revolutionary modular design.

STAR-LIFTKET – Electric chain hoists are currently available for three-phase operation with a capacity of 125kg to 6300kg, and for single phase operation from 125kg to 2000kg

STAR-LIFTKET – electric chain hoists are produced exclusively in Germany.

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