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Merge of HOFFMANN Foerdertechnik GmbH with AF Lifting GmbH and rename in LIFTKET Hoffmann GmbH

Dear Sir or Madam, dear business partner and interested parties,

because of the transfer of the business shares nine months ago, we have now merged Hoffmann Foerdertechnik GmbH Wurzen with AF Lifting GmbH. Since we noticed an increased interest in the name LIFTKET and by now have hundreds of thousands of electric chains hoists on the market, we would like to put this name to the front. Furthermore, in doing so we honor the close connection to Mr. Hoffmann, the founder and chain hoist-genius. Therefore, we decided to change the name of our company to LIFTKET Hoffmann GmbH.

Did you know that Mr. Hoffmann invented the safety clutch for the brakes, which avoids the load to glide off which today is standard in all genuine electric chain hoists? By the way – on May 8th we have celebrated his 91st birthday.

With effect to July 24, 2017, LIFTKET Hoffmann GmbH based in Wurzen took over all rights and obligations of Hoffmann Foerdertechnik GmbH by means of the universal succession of the company and continues its business operations. For you as customer, supplier or partner of Hoffmann Foerdertechnik GmbH nothing will change. Please only make sure you will use our new name on all the relevant documents during normal business operations and store it in your database.

We look forward to continuing our successful business relationship and cooperation.

You receive the following data for your information & consideration:

a. Company registration number: HRB 33 231 at the registration office Leipzig
b. Tax number: 238/113/02953
c. VAT ID: DE 815 708 640
d. Adress: LIFTKET Hoffmann GmbH Dresdener Str. 64 – 68 04808 Wurzen, Germany +49 3425 8924 0

The contacts you are familiar with are still available to you as before. Our location as well as our address remain unchanged. Deliveries of goods are to be delivered to the same address you have been delivering before.

Thank you very much for the cooperation we have enjoyed so far.

Kind regards

Thomas Birke
Kaufmännischer Leiter / CFO