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STAR VFD chain hoist

News at Summertime

First of all, thank you for trusting in our products and services! With so many satisfied customers, our order book keeps growing and growing – we like it that way and promise to redouble our efforts for you!

We are currently investing heavily in new production equipment, further training for our existing team, and adding new members to it. As demand is rising, we are fully confident this will allow us to keep serving you reliably and in keeping with our shared expectations of high quality.

Want to know what’s new for you in our product portfolio? This newsletter will give you an overview.

New: Star‐LIFTKET VFD with fully integrated high‐end variable frequency drive

If you have stopped by our presentations at major exhibitions this year, you may already be aware that we are preparing the serial launch of our new VFD-enabled hoist. Special features of this combination: 200% speed increase w/o load, an external display for all relevant parameters, a top speed of 36 m/min. All this comes in our standard all-aluminium body (050 and 070), which makes this hoist a high-end product with great usability value at an affordable price. This product is available from 1 October, 2018.

New: Star‐MOPF – upgrade of our “baby” Star‐LIFTKET range 020 to 030

We decided to upgrade our small body Star-LIFTKET. From 1 October, 2018, type 030 will fully replace type 020. This gives users great improvements, notably higher FEM/ISO ratings and stronger DAT chains (5.2 x15 mm), while the dimensions of the unit remain unchanged and the loads and speeds remain the same. State-of-the-art know-how went into this new generation, which e.g. now features standardised overheating protection. On demand, for special applications, 020 types can still be manufactured for your custom requirements.