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On the death of ChainMaster founder Frank-Rainer Hartung

It was with great sadness that we learned of the passing of Frank-Rainer Hartung, the managing director of our subsidiary ChainMaster Bühnentechnik. Mr Hartung died very suddenly and unexpectedly on 2 September 2018.

Frank-Rainer Hartung and his wife Susanne Hartung founded ChainMaster in 1996. The couple had previously worked in the event industry. Their excellent contacts helped them quickly grow ChainMaster into an internationally successful company. As early as 1994, Frank-Rainer Hartung launched the first ever chain hoist controller compliant with the German BGV-C1 safety regulation. It was immediately met with great demand and left a lasting impact on the market for lifting equipment. After this successful product introduction, Frank-Rainer Hartung never ceased to push for perpetual improvement and innovation. This is how ChainMaster became a widely acknowledged expert in electronically controlled, networked hoist technology for stages in the event industry.

Only very recently, on 1 August 2018, we have acquired our shares in ChainMaster Bühnentechnik GmbH from Susanne and Frank-Rainer Hartung. All of us had resolved to further expand the stage business and promote the ChainMaster brand together. It fills us with deep sorrow that Frank-Rainer Hartung will not be there to experience the continuation of his life’s work.

We keep Ms Hartung in our thoughts and hope she will find the strength she needs in this difficult time.

The team of LIFTKET Hoffmann