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Dear customers and partners,

Our LIFTKET B1 got an UPDATE that is valid from today on. You can order our SB1.1/16B now as an updated SB1.1/81B. Based on intensive calculations, redesign and tests we have improved our products. With the result that the new B1 is now a true 250kgs according to the latest SQP2-2018:10. The size of the new SB1.1/81B remains the same. With just 10 kg net weight the B1 is a real featherweight!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:

📞 +49 3425 89 24 131
✉ stage@liftket.de


Ps.: Did you know that all LIFTKET products are really made by ourselves? You can trace every component, not only the chain, but also the gears and the housing. Each housing is provided with a number so that we can tell you which employee has manufactured which hoist from which materials and when. Our employees make the difference!