STAR VFD chain hoist



The series production of our STAR VFD has started and first customers can already convince themselves of the numerous advantages. You can now order our 1st frequency-controlled electric chain hoist with an extremely short delivery time. Similar to our SPEEDLINE, the different models are available within only 15 working days.

LogiMAT 2019


At this point we would like to thank you for a thoroughly positive LogiMat 2019 with interesting technical discussions on a regional and international level. As is well known, after the fair is before the fair and so we will be presenting ourselves at this leading trade fair for the industry in the coming year and we are already looking forward to your visit to our stand at LogiMAT 2020!

Personnel changes at LIFTKET

Personnel innovations at LIFTKET

We would like to inform you today about two important personnel changes at LIFTKET, which will come into force on 01.03.2019.

Tom Schumann becomes new Head of Sales
Tom Schumann will take over sales management from Annekatrin Strunz on 01.03.2019. Mr. Schumann joined our sales team in 2011 with a focus on industry. From 2014-2017 he managed the business in India. After his return in April 2017, he took over the deputy sales management alongside Head of Sales Annekatrin Strunz. At this point we would also like to thank Mrs. Strunz for her performance and commitment over the past few years and are delighted that she will once again be responsible for the Custom / Wind Power sales division from now on. Mrs. Strunz and Mr. Schumann are still reachable as usual under the known contact data.
Ulrike Veit takes on new position as Marketing Communication Manager
As a global company, LIFTKET wants to focus more on the brand’s future presence in the industry and creates a new position in marketing communications. In future, Ulrike Veit will be in charge of this position and will report directly to Managing Director Jürgen Dlugi. After completing her training in marketing specialization and working as an online marketing manager in a manufacturing company, Ms. Veit joined LIFTKET in June 2018 and supported the sales team in the key account / OEM division. From 01.03.2019 she will be your contact person for all topics in the field of classic and online marketing and can be reached via: ulrike.veit[at]


Wishing you a season of joy

Happy Holidays

After an inspiring and exciting year, we would like to thank you for your cooperation and great business. We wish you happy holidays and above all health and energy for the coming year 2019. The entire LIFTKET team will support you and your company comprehensively in 2019.

On the death of ChainMaster founder Frank-Rainer Hartung

On the death of ChainMaster founder Frank-Rainer Hartung

It was with great sadness that we learned of the passing of Frank-Rainer Hartung, the managing director of our subsidiary ChainMaster Bühnentechnik. Mr Hartung died very suddenly and unexpectedly on 2 September 2018.

Frank-Rainer Hartung and his wife Susanne Hartung founded ChainMaster in 1996. The couple had previously worked in the event industry. Their excellent contacts helped them quickly grow ChainMaster into an internationally successful company. As early as 1994, Frank-Rainer Hartung launched the first ever chain hoist controller compliant with the German BGV-C1 safety regulation. It was immediately met with great demand and left a lasting impact on the market for lifting equipment. After this successful product introduction, Frank-Rainer Hartung never ceased to push for perpetual improvement and innovation. This is how ChainMaster became a widely acknowledged expert in electronically controlled, networked hoist technology for stages in the event industry.

Only very recently, on 1 August 2018, we have acquired our shares in ChainMaster Bühnentechnik GmbH from Susanne and Frank-Rainer Hartung. All of us had resolved to further expand the stage business and promote the ChainMaster brand together. It fills us with deep sorrow that Frank-Rainer Hartung will not be there to experience the continuation of his life’s work.

We keep Ms Hartung in our thoughts and hope she will find the strength she needs in this difficult time.

The team of LIFTKET Hoffmann

Newsletter 2018/08

Climbing to new heights together: our new subsidiary ChainMaster Bühnentechnik

We are expanding our team of application specialists for you: I am pleased to announce that LIFTKET has taken over 100 percent of the shares in ChainMaster Bühnentechnik GmbH as from 1 August 2018. We have been working closely and very successfully with ChainMaster for over 20 years. Together, we have grown to become market leaders in our individual business segments. Now, we want to continue this successful path. Located in Eilenburg, only a few kilometers from our premises, ChainMaster manufactures complete system solutions based on LIFTKET electric chain hoists for events such as open-air concerts and theater productions. Stage technology is already one of our key business sectors, along with industry and custom solutions. In future, we want to expand this segment together with ChainMaster. We will further strengthen ChainMaster as a brand for hoist technology in the event and stage industry. ChainMaster will continue operations in Eilenburg as a separate company. General management remains in the hands of Susanne Hartung and Frank-Rainer Hartung, who founded ChainMaster in 1996. Like LIFTKET, ChainMaster is also involved in international projects and has a strong network of sales and service partners around the world providing fast and professional customer service. Like us, ChainMaster focuses on customer needs to guide product development and enforces rigorous quality management in manufacturing.

I will be happy to answer any further questions you may have.


Jürgen Dlugi
LIFTKET Hoffmann GmbH

STAR VFD chain hoist

Newsletter 2018/07

News at Summertime

First of all, thank you for trusting in our products and services! With so many satisfied customers, our order book keeps growing and growing – we like it that way and promise to redouble our efforts for you!

We are currently investing heavily in new production equipment, further training for our existing team, and adding new members to it. As demand is rising, we are fully confident this will allow us to keep serving you reliably and in keeping with our shared expectations of high quality.

Want to know what’s new for you in our product portfolio? This newsletter will give you an overview.

New: Star‐LIFTKET VFD with fully integrated high‐end variable frequency drive

If you have stopped by our presentations at major exhibitions this year, you may already be aware that we are preparing the serial launch of our new VFD-enabled hoist. Special features of this combination: 200% speed increase w/o load, an external display for all relevant parameters, a top speed of 36 m/min. All this comes in our standard all-aluminium body (050 and 070), which makes this hoist a high-end product with great usability value at an affordable price. This product is available from 1 October, 2018.

New: Star‐MOPF – upgrade of our “baby” Star‐LIFTKET range 020 to 030

We decided to upgrade our small body Star-LIFTKET. From 1 October, 2018, type 030 will fully replace type 020. This gives users great improvements, notably higher FEM/ISO ratings and stronger DAT chains (5.2 x15 mm), while the dimensions of the unit remain unchanged and the loads and speeds remain the same. State-of-the-art know-how went into this new generation, which e.g. now features standardised overheating protection. On demand, for special applications, 020 types can still be manufactured for your custom requirements.

CeMat 2018

CeMat 2018

Again, this year we were present at Hanover CeMat Exhibition.

We presented ourselves in our new corporate design, which was greatly received by our customers and colleagues.

Especially recognized was the colour scheme for our three business areas:

Yellow for INDUSTRIAL (standard industrial applications and those for construction sites), Green for CUSTOM (special solutions of any kind as long as two conditions are met: lifts electrically and lifts with a chain). Grey for STAGE wasn’t show at CeMat.

Our highlight was the presentation of our new STAR VFD (very fast drive) electric chain hoist, ultra fast lifting with adaptable speed control.

Newsletter 2017/11


To satisfy our increasing Quality standards and to meet our increasing demand for our LIFTKET products, we would like to inform you what’s new.

Facelift for our products.

Since the 01.07.2017 we are already delivering our products in our new design. An obvious confession to our name will be clear through the large LIFTKET logo on the hoist. Furthermore, we have improved our safety- and warning tags and have replaced them by pictograms, which are understandable all over the world. Also, they meet our high safety standards. The type plates were revised so they fit and look better on the hoist. Our technical perfection will stay untouched.

For all deliveries from the 01.11. on the trolleys and the attachment parts are varnished with RAL9006 white aluminum. In connection with our electrogalvanized wheels we have a good and appealing design and an even improved quality.

Speedline STAR LIFTKET (shorter deliverytime)

From the 1.11.2017 onwards we will be introducing our new concept “Speedline” for our Industry customers. You will be able to order custom made STAR LIFTKET products within 15 working days ex works. All Models are “Made in Germany” with the following Specification: 24VAC low voltage control, operating voltage 3ph / 380-415V / 50Hz, upper and lower limit switches, pendant with quick-change connection, up to around 20m hook path.

Merge of HOFFMANN Fördertechnik GmbH with AF Lifting GmbH and rename in LIFTKET Hoffmann GmbH

Merge of HOFFMANN Foerdertechnik GmbH with AF Lifting GmbH and rename in LIFTKET Hoffmann GmbH

Dear Sir or Madam, dear business partner and interested parties,

because of the transfer of the business shares nine months ago, we have now merged Hoffmann Foerdertechnik GmbH Wurzen with AF Lifting GmbH. Since we noticed an increased interest in the name LIFTKET and by now have hundreds of thousands of electric chains hoists on the market, we would like to put this name to the front. Furthermore, in doing so we honor the close connection to Mr. Hoffmann, the founder and chain hoist-genius. Therefore, we decided to change the name of our company to LIFTKET Hoffmann GmbH.

Did you know that Mr. Hoffmann invented the safety clutch for the brakes, which avoids the load to glide off which today is standard in all genuine electric chain hoists? By the way – on May 8th we have celebrated his 91st birthday.

With effect to July 24, 2017, LIFTKET Hoffmann GmbH based in Wurzen took over all rights and obligations of Hoffmann Foerdertechnik GmbH by means of the universal succession of the company and continues its business operations. For you as customer, supplier or partner of Hoffmann Foerdertechnik GmbH nothing will change. Please only make sure you will use our new name on all the relevant documents during normal business operations and store it in your database.

We look forward to continuing our successful business relationship and cooperation.

You receive the following data for your information & consideration:

a. Company registration number: HRB 33 231 at the registration office Leipzig
b. Tax number: 238/113/02953
c. VAT ID: DE 815 708 640
d. Adress: LIFTKET Hoffmann GmbH Dresdener Str. 64 – 68 04808 Wurzen, Germany +49 3425 8924 0

The contacts you are familiar with are still available to you as before. Our location as well as our address remain unchanged. Deliveries of goods are to be delivered to the same address you have been delivering before.

Thank you very much for the cooperation we have enjoyed so far.

Kind regards

Thomas Birke
Kaufmännischer Leiter / CFO