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Stage technology

Since the eighties of the last century the electric chain hoists have got more and more important for the light-, stage- and entertainment industry. If used for simple build ups of trade fairs, the positioning of displays and screens or for the movement of weights during a show – the chain hoist from Wurzen can fulfil all these jobs. Thereby we concentrate on the development, production and certification of the mechanical components and adjust these onto our customer´s control systems.

One of our latest developments is the STAGEKET-line. It has been specially designed for the needs of the entertainment industry for the coming years. STAGEKET is the answer to all difficult tasks involving low operating noise, safety and flexibility.

Brakes and controls

In the basic versions, all electric chain hoists are equipped with an electromagnetic brake. Depending on the purpose of use and the required standards we can offer the hoists with a second brake.

Our electric chain hoists can be delivered with direct or low voltage control. They come as standard in direct control, where all functions can be operated with an external control. The directly controlled hoists are very compact. The optionally offered low voltage control can be conducted with AC or DC. For maximum safety during a mobile usage our contactors are mechanically interlocked.

Electronic load sensing units

An electronic load sensing unit, which is demanded in hoists under the DGUV-V17 (BGV C1), can be offered optionally. Usually the load sensing is incorporated in the suspension eye. The evaluation is done over internal or external controls.

Chain bags

Our new developed chain bags can be mounted and demounted without any extra tools and with only a few hand grips. They can be used either in normal or upside down position. The chain bag slides into the right position all by itself due to the new fixture and it adjusts itself to the current installation position.

Special equipment

Optionally we can build in gear type limit switches and incremental encoders (4 or 6 positions). Stable and economical handles made out of aluminum round up our equipment program. The here shown electric chain hoists, or their components, are only examples for possible versions and technical models. Please feel free to ask for more specific data when needed.

There are different regulations for entertainment hoists available in the world. Our sales team will advise you what version of our products would suit your needs.

Technical versions

Lifting speed at 50Hz [m/min]

125 kg

250 kg

500 kg

1000 kg

1600 kg

2500 kg

6300 kg


Further model variants on request!

Chain hoists for stage technology in use

In many clubs, town halls, concert halls and sport halls as well as in many TV studios, you can find LIFTKET – Special electric chain hoists and a computer control that has been specially made for them. These delight spectators and guests with breathtaking show effects.


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