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Chain hoist Configurator

125 kg – 25,000 kg

 For the choice of a standard chain hoists, please use our configurator at the bottom of the page!

Please consider the following points when choosing a standard chain hoist:

  • Operating voltage of 400 V, 3 phases, 50 Hz
  • B13/00X- IP54 protective system
  • STAR LIFTKET / POWER LIFTKET – protective system IP55
  • Insolation class F
  • Differing voltages and frequencies upon request
  • Length of the control cable is a standard 1.5 metres
  • Lifting height is a standard 3 metres and the data for the dead load applies for lifting heights of 3 metres. With a low-voltage control, the dead weight increases by approximately 2 kg
  • Larger lifting and usage heights are possible
  • With lifting heights of less than 20 metres, the payload must be reduced by the weight of the chain
  • The STAR 090/ …, 091/ …, 110/ …, 111/ …, POWER 235/… models can be exclusively operated with a low-voltage control. Without a control (at the customer’s request), the low-voltage control must be provided by the customer on delivery. All of the STAR models are delivered with a low-voltage control.
  • The standard trolleys for LIFTKET B13 and POWER-LIFTKET 235 are not able to run around curves.


The data in the table are benchmarks.
Due to technical changes, deviations are possible and remain reserved at all times.

The colored entries in the boxes indicate SpeedLine configuration.

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Configuration up to the data sheet possible.

Chain hoist
Choose your lifting capacity and lifting height (hook path) here. For chain hoists with one lifting speed make your choice in the main speed box. For chain hoists with two lifting speeds add a slow speed. In chain hoists with two load falls the chain is deflected once in the hook block. There is no additional chain deflection in chain hoists with one load fall. Typically, the no. of load falls is the result of lifting capacity and speed.
It has to be entered a true value for the path of the hook from 3.0m till max. Model! Inquire for other lengths! Please use the comment field further below for this.


Working Load
(in kg)

Lifting height
(in m)


Lifting speed
(in m/min)

Lifting speed II
(in m/min)

Number of
load falls


Power supply
Choose 3 phases, in case you want to operate the chain hoist at a rotary current supply.
• Choose 1 phase, in case you want to operate the chain hoist at a single phase power supply. Frequency and voltage depend on the country, where the chain hoist is going to used.
Common supplies are:
• 400V / 3ph / 50Hz
•230V / 1ph / 50Hz
•480V / 3ph / 60Hz
For other voltages please contact us!


(in Hz)

(in Volt)

Please select your interface for installing the chain hoist on site! Electric trolleys are available with one or two traveling speeds. The travelling speeds of the dual speed trolleys are separated by a slash (e.g. 5/20). Choose the flange width according to your beam width.


(in m/min)

Flange Width
(in mm)

Preview Suspension

Chain bag
•Plastic chain boxes are inflexible and rigid containers, which can only be chosen for smaller lifting heights.
•Textile chain bags are flexible, sewn bags.
•For certain chain hoist types sheet metal chain boxes are required. Sheet metal chain boxes for smaller hoist are available upon request.
Caution: At the selected lifting height, the assigned chain memory must be relieved!


Preview chain bag

LIFTKET chain hoists can be controlled wireless or by wire.
The standard control cable length is 1,5m. A wireless control requires a low voltage control.
It has to be entered a true value from 1.5m till maximum 200m. The entry will be rounded to 0.5m! Inquire for other lengths! Please use the comment field further below for this.


cable length
(in m)


Preview of control

Please select:
• Direct control – the chain hoist is controlled by switching the supply voltage directly
• Low voltage control - the chain hoist is controlled by contactors (standard control voltage 24VAC)
• Frequency inverter control - the chain hoist is controlled by a converter for continuously variable lifting speed
• without - Bei Lieferung ohne Steuerung (auf Kundenwunsch) ist die Steuerung bauseits zu erstellen.


Chain hoist Configurator

Please use our crane configurator in order to receive a quick overview of which types are most suitable for your project.

Please contact us to discuss special-purpose solutions.  



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