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Electric chain hoists for industrial purposes

Electric chain hoists for three phase supply

125 kg – 25,000 kg

To select a standard chain hoist, please use our configurator from the menu.


Please note:

  • Power supply 400 V, 3 phase, 50 Hz
  • B13/00X, B15/00Y – IP54 duty group
  • STAR LIFTKET / POWER LIFTKET – Protection class IP55 / Insulation class F
  • Different voltage and frequency options available upon request
  • Control cable 1.5 metres (supplied as standard)
  • Lifting height of 3 metres (supplied as standard). The hoist weight has been calculated for 3-metre lifting height, and the hoist weight will increase by approximately 2 kg if low-voltage control is required
  • Different lifting heights and control cable lengths are available upon request
  • For lifting heights greater than 20 metres, a reduction to the safe working load must be made for the additional weight of the chain
  • STAR-LIFTKET models 090/…, 091/…, 110/… and 111/… must be fitted with a low-voltage control only. If supplied without a control (upon request), a low-voltage control must be added by the user/customer before the first operation. These STAR-LIFTKET models are equipped with a low-voltage control as standard.
  • The technical data mentioned in the tables are approximate and
    subject to change.

Download brochure [5MB] with our complete range of products and technical data in PDF form.

The following pictures show our chain hoists combined with an aluminum truss system of eepos. The successful accomplishment of joint projects is based on the good cooperation with the company eepos GmbH.



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