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LIFTKET forces a stronger presence on the British and Irish market

We are delighted to announce that John Jones has joined the LIFTKET family as the agent for the UK and Ireland.

Many people in the business will know John, he has gained extensive experience in the hoist industry, and has held various senior roles
during his career and worked with several well know world class hoist manufacturers and of course he was the Managing Director of Pfaff and Lift Turn Move ltd.

LIFTKET Hoffmann GmbH is an internationally renowned manufacturer of electric chain hoists for Industrial and Entertainment with loads
up to 25,000 kg. At the company premises close to Leipzig in Germany 250 employees, design, develop and manufacture lifting solutions for three
business areas: industry, custom and stage.

In-house, LIFTKET manufactures modular electric chain hoists for almost any application requiring safe and precise lifting of loads from 125kg to 25t and up to 200m lifting height. Founded in 1948 by Dietrich Hoffmann, the company initially developed agricultural equipment before specializing in electric chain hoists from 1953. He has set the standard for electric chain hoist used worldwide today by having invented the safety clutch/brake unit where the brake holds the load – not the clutch.

LIFTKET is amongst the global leaders and focuses on serving specialists in the lifting industry by not competing with them. Their mission is to
support their specialist clients with excellent products and strengthen them with competitive prices, technical and sales expertise so their partners can earn their living by serving customers fast and efficiently.

The company now sells to over 65 countries worldwide. The distribution in Great Britain and Ireland has until now been handled by a few business partners. LIFTKET expects a significantly stronger presence in the British and Irish market from the cooperation with John Joseph Jones.

For further information, LIFTKET’s new agent John Jones can be contacted directly by e-mail john.jones@liftket.de or by phone at +44 7727 147785. Of course, the headquarters staff is also available at any time by e-mail sales@liftket.com or by phone +49 3425 8924 0.

One small step for Jack and Saeesh, but a giant leap for LIFTKET.

We proudly announce the acquisition of Hoystek Canada from Jack Richard.

Jack will now join LIFTKET and take over the responsibility for our North American Entertainment activities.

Jack has personally been in touch with LIFTKET products since 2001 and started his own company two years ago. In this time, he did an incredible job to promote LIFTKET. “From day one we felt that Jack is “our man” in North America – it was a logical consequence to join forces and therefore establish our base in Americas”, says Jürgen Dlugi, LIFTKET’s CEO. Together we will grow our local presence to improve further customer service and availability of products locally.

A new set up has been established and a new team is already in place.

Simultaneously we have re-established ourselves in India. We are again proud that we have managed to find the perfect fit for our Indian operations. Mr. Saeesh Nevrekar has joined as the Executive Director at our Indian subsidiary LIFTKET India Pvt. Ltd which will be relocated to Pune area in the next few months. Saeesh will be responsible for LIFTKET’s business in India.

Mr. Nevrekar and Jürgen Dlugi are “old buddies” and colleagues with similar career paths. Saeesh brings with him a rich experience of over 20 years in the hoisting business. “We first met 20 years ago when we tried to have a collaboration between our respective companies. Years later we met at our previous employer’s in similar position – we have always had the same entrepreneurial spirit and ambition level. Now it’s the perfect timing for both Mr. Nevrekar and LIFTKET, as both are in perfect shape and the timing is perfect as the Indian market is very important for us” says Jürgen Dlugi.

LogiMAT WORLD NEWS: Infinitely variable chain hoist for operation on single-phase power networks for a world-wide use.

LIFTKET is presenting its latest product development exclusively at the LogiMAT 2020 for the first time, thus bringing a real world first to the market, which many customers have already requested. The new STAR ONE electric chain hoist is a real all-rounder, suitable for a world-wide use on the market. This means that it offers a real advantage right from the time the product is purchased and the mostly associated preliminary planning. The STAR ONE is operated with a single-phase power network. It has a specially developed frequency converter and guarantees load-dependent and infinitely variable speed control. The basis for this new chain hoist is the STAR LIFTKET series, which has already been proven a thousand times over. Even in its basic version, it offers many advantages: patented safety brake clutch system, temperature monitor and electric limit switches for lifting and lowering. All this with proven quality “Made in Germany”.

Convince yourself of this product innovation live at the upcoming LogiMAT in Stuttgart and visit LIFTKET from 10 – 12 March 2020 in Hall 7, Stand B01.
Please note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic LogiMAT unfortunately had to be cancelled.

Chain hoist configuration in 1 minute

An online configurator on the Liftket website leads to a tailor-made electric chain hoist in just a few steps. The straightforward tool instantly generates complete documentation with technical drawings. Customers as well as unregistered users can access this service and export the data as a PDF file. They can also request a quote, which will be emailed to them within minutes. They can place orders or a sales request referencing the quotation number. This unique ID enables sales staff to automatically access all configuration data, which helps to avoid errors. The configurator integrates all Liftket series. Various parameters can be freely defined or selected from standard measures: working load, lifting height, lifting speed, power supply specifications, type of suspension, and, if applicable, trolley type, trolley speed, and flange profile and width. This tool makes order placement for Liftket customers much faster and easier to handle in comparison to manually filling out conventional order forms. Managing and filing quotations is also greatly simplified. In addition, users can easily share quotes with other departments such as engineering and procurement.

Electric chain hoist stops instantly

Liftket has developed the first electronically controlled chain hoist with quick stop function. The Star VFD stops without ramp-down immediately after the control button is released. Therefore, loads can be lifted or lowered to the desired level in one go. No longer is there a need for time-consuming stop-and-go, which today still is a common way to position loads with increased precision. The new series comprises hoists for loads from 125 to 2000 kg. With nominal speeds up to 36 m/min depending on the load, these chain hoists are much faster than comparable products on the market. Moving with no load, they can even be operated with up to 200 % of the nominal speed. This also saves a lot of time in everyday operation, since typically half of all runs are empty runs. And even apart from that, hoists are mostly operated with partial load. The speed of a Star VFD can be increased accordingly when the nominal speed is not fully utilized. This standard series provides customers with cost-efficient, fast hoists for heavy use and large-volume applications. Liftket ships individually configured chain hoists within 15 working days. The variable-frequency drive was specifically designed for this application in cooperation with a renowned international drive manufacturer. It is suitable for worldwide use. All hoist components are manufactured and fully tested at Liftket’s German headquarters.

Speedy delivery of electric chain hoists for up to 5 tons

Liftket has added new 5-ton electric chain hoists to its Speed Line. In addition, this series now features temperature monitoring of the lifting motor by default. The manufacturer configures all electric chain hoists to order. The Speed Line models are shipped within 15 working days or less. Customers can specify the suspension type (eye or hook), girder width, as well as a push trolley or electric trolley. The Speed Line allows for lifting heights up to 20 m. It therefore covers most industrial applications. If required, Liftket furthermore builds special chain hoists. The Speed Line now comprises 11 models for loads from 125 kg to 5000 kg. Depending on the load, these hoists offer different nominal speeds up to a maximum of 10 m/min. They each have two lifting speeds. Optimized for fast custom configuration, the series is also fully tested, safe, very robust, and durable. The mechanics have proven reliable in the established Star Liftket series in hundreds of thousands of installations. The chain hoist configurator on the company website gives users an express route to their tailor-made electric chain hoist.

LogiMAT: Fast electric chain hoist with continuous speed adjustment

STAR VFD chain hoists with load-dependent, infinitely variable speed control from 2 to 24 m/min are now available from LIFTKET. Moving with no load, the hoists can be operated with up to 200% of the nominal speed. As a result, users save a lot of time. This series is suitable for loads from 125 to 2000kg. The STAR VFD is the first chain hoist with an integrated status display for operating hours and remaining service life. Therefore, it is not necessary to open the housing for maintenance requirement checks. LIFTKET ships individually configured chain hoists within 15 working days.

These are available with either two speed settings or with infinitely variable speed control via analog pushbuttons. In this new series, the brake engages instantly, without ramp-down. This facilitates precise positioning and also saves time compared to conventional products.

The Star VFD is also the first chain hoist with an integrated status display for operating hours and remaining service life. Therefore, it is not necessary to open the housing for maintenance requirement checks. Moreover, the display provides immediate information with no need to connect a computer. This decreases the maintenance effort and costs. The new speed control functionality is enabled by a frequency inverter that was designed specifically for this application. It is integrated in an electric chain hoist from the established Star series whose mechanics have been thoroughly tested and proven in hundreds of thousands of installations worldwide. The Star VFD has successfully passed the field test and is now in series production. Liftket presents this and other innovations at the LogiMAT exhibition.

Liftket at LogiMAT
Stuttgart, Germany, 19 – 21 February 2019
Hall 7, Stand A01


LIFTKET Hoffmann GmbH is an internationally renowned manufacturer of electric chain hoists with loads ranging from 125 kg to 25,000 kg. At the company premises in Wurzen, Germany, currently about 250 employees develop and manufacture solutions for the three business segments industry, custom, and stage. A strong network of service and sales partners ensure customer-oriented stock-keeping, maintenance, and repair. LIFTKET manufactures modular electric chain hoists for virtually every application that involves the safe and precise lifting of loads. Founded in 1948 by Dietrich Hoffmann, the company initially developed agricultural equipment before specializing and exclusively focusing on electric chain hoists from 1953. Hoffmann’s innovations, namely the horizontal assembly of motor and gearbox and the patented safety-brake/clutch system, still set the standard for electric chain hoists.

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