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The environmental awareness and the reliance on the “green energy” is on everyone’s mind, especially in these days. For several years now, LIFTKET has been working on improving its “ecological footprint” – with success!

Since the end of 2019, LIFTKET has changed the painting process for the 3 main colours of the electric chain hoists. Instead of the conventional 2-component solvent-based paint used until then, they have switched to a 1-component water-based paint. This has considerable advantages – it is characterized
by a shorter drying time and requires a lower drying temperature in the burner, which in turn releases less carbon monoxide. This has made LIFTKET’s painting process significantly more environmentally friendly.

A spatial change in summer 2021 led not only to shorter communication paths but also to considerable savings in energy and heating costs due to the relocation of the administrative departments to the main building.

The company has also been focusing on more ecological awareness in internal transports since the beginning of 2019. All drives and transports within the company premises are carried out with an electric vehicle. This has additionally reduced local CO2 emissions. Since they also increasingly rely on electric mobility for the business cars of the employees, the company has purchased and put into operation 4 e-charging columns this year.  In December 2021, after almost 2 years of preparation, the energy audit according to ISO 50001:2018 took place successfully. In future, there will be a repeat audit approximately every 2 years, in which LIFTKET can convince with its further developments. During this, 26 electricity measuring points were installed throughout the company, which enable real-time measurement of electricity consumption.

One of the probably biggest clous has been contractually agreed by the company last year (November 2022). LIFTKET is investing in a 1,5 MW photovoltaic system. This is to be installed and commissioned on the roofs of the entire production buildings by November 2023. The implementation and planning of this plant is carried out by the Leipziger Stadtwerke. With this plant, the company will be able to cover a large part of its own electricity requirements in the future and will, of course, also feed energy into the general power grid. In addition to this major project, the entire factory (20,000m² area) will be converted to LED lighting in 2023.

“In the past 5 years, we have managed to improve our “CO² footprint” by 80% and are constantly working to develop further in this area and engage in new technologies,” says Managing Director Jürgen Dlugi.

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