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Blog LIFTKET delivers the perfect solution for wind power applications

LIFTKET delivers the perfect solution for wind power applications


As early as the mid-eighties of the last century, a new branch of industry developed, initially starting in Europe – energy generation from wind power. LIFTKET also established its hoists in this industry from the very beginning and over the years became one of the market leaders in the field of electric chain hoists for wind power applications. In close cooperation with customers operating worldwide, tailor-made solutions are designed near Leipzig in Germany.

In the wind power sector, it is usually the highest priority for customers to develop solutions for individual requirements. This is exactly one of LIFTKET’s core competences. LIFTKET products are adaptable to the versatile requirements in the wind power sector and at the same have the highest quality “Made in Germany”. To the wind industry, we have been the first supplier of service cranes, and nowadays we supply not only a lifting device, but a complete service crane that meets the requirements of the wind industry most effectively, says CEO Jürgen Dlugi. In Wurzen, around 250 employees ensure that thousands of LIFTKETs leave the factory every month. Every single electric chain hoist was designed, developed, produced, and tested with its actual capacity here.

In classic wind turbines in the onshore sector, the electric chain hoist is usually installed as a stationary “service crane” and used for service and maintenance work.  But you can also use it as a mobile crane, for example for repairs and the replacement of turbine parts.

LIFTKET supplies products for different load capacities and lifting heights. One of the standard products is designed for a lifting height of 200 m with a load capacity of 800 kg and a lifting speed of 20 m/min. But these are by far not the product limits. Depending on the requirements, lifting heights of up to 250 m can be served, but also lifting capacities of several tonnes can be realised with the compact products from LIFTKET.

A compact design is essential, especially in wind turbines where space is very limited. In addition, there is a wide variety of installation situations to which the product must be adapted. LIFTKET provides a plug & play solution for simplified installation. The prefabricated installation solution can be used worldwide, as it is designed for voltage levels from 110 to 690 V and also for 50 or 60 Hz. In addition, all adjustment ranges for beam widths can be covered to ensure correct installation.

In general, the chain hoist can be adapted to the different turbine situations by a wide variety of accessories. There are different solutions with trolleys or cranes. Tube solutions are also possible instead of chain boxes at the unit, which then guide the chain into the bottom of the nacelle. Since enormous heights sometimes have to be overcome on wind turbines for maintenance work, LIFTKET also supplies solutions with radio remote control with several transmitters to reduce waiting times and thus also costs. In order not to damage the inside of the tower during the lifting process by the load hook, an electric chain hoist for wind power applications is equipped with a so-called “rubber sleeve”. Often it may also be necessary to replace an existing unit, e.g. due to age. Here, too, LIFTKET offers simple solutions that even make the replacement of “third-party old equipment” possible.

In addition to the onshore sector, LIFTKET also offers adequate solutions for offshore plants. Because of the rough conditions there, the products usually have to withstand heavy strain. The main difference in the offshore sector is that the product requirements are much higher. Special corusin protection is required, other painting is needed, and in general, other materials are sometimes used. Especially for such applications, LIFTKET products can be equipped with stainless steel chain and hooks, for example, so that no corrosion can occur. Further, the electric chain hoist can also be equipped with the more robust aluminium version instead of the usual plastic caps.

Due to the worldwide use of LIFTKET electric chain hoists, global support is of course also a major issue. Thanks to its extensive partner and subsidiary network, LIFTKET can guarantee worldwide technical support. The availability of spare parts for almost all products ever built also offers an enormous level of service, which is rounded off by full project support from the idea to the final implementation.

LIFTKET also delivers any kind of tailor-made service and training concepts for their customers. Therefore, they have established their own “training center” – the LIFTKADEMIE. Maintenance work for hoisting equipment must be carried out by trained and authorised professionals only. Authorised people must have theoretical training as well as experience in the field of cranes and hoists. They must have excellent know-how of the special regulations and must be able to decide whether the lifting equipment is in safe working condition or not. Within the LIFTKADEMIE they would like to provide their customers and their employees with the necessary know-how to ensure safe working on and with LIFTKET electric chain hoists. On the one hand, 3 “standard trainings” can be booked: Repair & Maintenance (this training can also be booked online via, Train the Trainer and Sales Training. In addition, they also offer training courses specially tailored to their customers’ requirements. The training courses can be held either within the in-house training centre or at the customer’s premises worldwide.   

LIFTKET moves – safely and everywhere, and any load from up to 25,000 kg and 200 (or more) meters. The product range offers you standardized hoists, as well as highly specialized solutions. Founded in 1948, the company’s founder Dietrich Hoffmann set the standard for electric chain hoists over three generations, which are now used worldwide in three different business areas: INDUSTRATION, CUSTOMATION & STAGENATION. Numerous customers and partners in over 65 countries rely on LIFTKET quality products. Safety, durability, ease of maintenance, service and a fair price/performance ratio are particularly valued.

LIFTKET supports its customers according to the principle: What is your special need? Just contact us! And this has been very successful for many years. Worldwide, approximately 750,000 LIFTKET electric chain hoists are in use in over 40 countries.

If you have any questions about the product, please feel free to contact our sales team:

Phone: +49 3425 8924 130

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